Specialist Treatments
Chakra flow massage
This gentle yet profound treatment activates, balances and stimulates the body’s life-force energy centers. Creating balance in our seven chakras facilitates the body’s ability to heal itself. Leave feeling more whole as a person.
starting from SEK 1995.00
Reflexology is a popular, tried and tested treatment, which helps restoring the body’s equilibrium. Pressure point massage on the feet activates the body’s natural healing mechanisms, stimulating the entire system but also addressing specific problem areas. Our reflexology specialist, Helen Wallenberg, also does facial reflexology (see facials).
starting from SEK 1995.00
Lymfhatic massage
Everyone benefits from a soothing lymphatic massage. It stimulates the lymphatic system and helps eliminate waste and excess fluid from the body. Soft strokes, muscle massage, deep breathing techniques and gentle pressure ease pain, numbness and fatigue. Many leave feeling lighter in the body and revitalized.
starting from SEK 1895.00
Practiced by Zhao Xiao Cun, doctor in Traditional Chinese Medicine (tcm). Acupuncture is particularly effective at treating musculoskeletal pain and dysfunction, as well as a wide range of disease patterns. Whatever your treatment goal, acupuncture sessions are most effective when done as part of a series, although in many cases positive effects are felt after the first treatment.
starting from SEK 1995.00
A tailored treatment, which through touch, presence and tranquility, enables energy to balance the system of your body. Our therapists are trained in a range of healing modalities, such as Reiki, Reconnection, Deep Relax Body & Mind, as well as our own method.
SEK 1695.00