The following terms and conditions apply to treatments at the Grand Hôtel Nordic Spa. These conditions will ensure a pleasant and beneficial environment. Grand Hôtel Nordic Spa has the right to make changes to the terms and conditions and any changes must be notified to the customer within 30 days before the date of entry into force. For price increases, however, 60 days apply.


Cancellation Policy

Cancellations must be made no later than 24 hours prior to the appointment. Cancellation later than 24 hours or no-shows will be charged 100%.



It is the responsibility of the client to comply with the rules and instructions regarding training methods and training equipment that are notified in writing or orally by the Grand Hôtel Nordic Spa staff. Customer is expected to act in ways that do not interfere with other customers or staff. It is not permitted to hold or use unauthorized preparations including doping class or performance enhancement within the facility. Grand Hôtel Nordic Spa takes a strong distance from all forms of doping.

Persons under the age of 16 are not allowed in the fitness and spa facilities, either alone or accompanied by a guardian.

Grand Hôtel Nordic Spa is entitled to open all cabinets after closure of the facilities. Missing personal belongings will be removed after closing. Unless the owner claims within 14 days, the Grand Hôtel Nordic Spa may, at its sole discretion, dispose of, or in respect of valuables, hand it over to the police.

Mobile phones, radios and other music players are prohibited in the facilities. Smoking is prohibited in all areas. The spa pool and spa and fitness facilities are unattended and use is at your own risk. Customers are advised to respect the designated noise level in all premises.

Custom and respectable clothing should be worn in the facility. Swimwear should be worn in the pool and communal wet areas.

Sportswear should be worn in the fitness facilities without exceptions. Swimwear is not accepted.

In order to guarantee availability, pre-booking of personal training, treatments, is recommended.

Personal training or treatment within the facility may not be carried out by Grand Hôtel Nordic Spa, coaches, therapists and staff, without the consent of Grand Hôtel Nordic Spa.

In case of suspicion of breach of the content of this paragraph, the Grand Hôtel Nordic Spa staff has the right to reject the customer from the premises without compensation.


Changes in opening hours and availability

Grand Hôtel Nordic Spa reserves the right to make changes to opening hours and offerings as well as in premises and equipment, which may result in restrictions on supply. Grand Hôtel Nordic Spa also has the right to shut down parts of the facility without reservation and for a given reason without claiming compensation by the customer.


Liability and insurance

All exercise is at your own risk. Grand Hôtel Nordic Spa is not responsible for personal injury caused by Customer due to accident or consequence of another Customer or visitor's action or lack thereof. Each customer and its potential customer is responsible for their health status so that they can participate without risk in the activities they choose at the Grand Hôtel Nordic Spa. Grand Hôtel Nordic Spa has the right, after consultation with Customer, to suspend the Customer if the training means a deterioration of his / her health condition. Grand Hôtel Nordic Spa is not responsible for losses due to theft, burglary or other reason, or for damages to Customer or other visitors' belongings.


Processing of personal data

Grand Hôtel Nordic Spa processes such personal information about the customer as is necessary to fulfil commitments. The data may be combined with other records to maintain good customer and registry care. They may also be used to inform Grand Hôtel's services and offers and to provide good service by the way. If the customer wishes information about what information Grand Hôtel Nordic Spa has registered, this can be obtained by sending a written request to the Grand Hôtel Nordic Spa. Customer may also request correction of incorrect information. All personal data are handled in full confidentiality and in accordance with applicable confidentiality laws and Swedish law.


Force majeure

Grand Hôtel Nordic Spa is not responsible for interruptions in exercise or treatment opportunities due to circumstances beyond Grand Hôtel Nordic Spa control, such as water damage, fire damage or other damage to the facility, strike, lockout, natural disaster or government decision.


Individual contractual provisions

Cancellation of individual agreement - Grand Hôtel Nordic Spa reserves the right to cancel a reservation or event if information arrives after the confirmed booking date that the Grand Hôtel Nordic Spa considers may prejudice Grand Hôtel Nordic Spa, The Grand Group or its owners. In case of such cancellation, Grand Hôtel Nordic Spa undertakes to refund all prepayments and is deemed to be without any remaining obligations or liability to the customer.



The Customer shall not use the name, trademark, logo or other characteristics of Grand Hôtel Nordic Spa, The Grand Group or its proprietor in its sales, marketing, PR, or public activities or materials, or issue press releases, interviews or other public statements regarding this Agreement or relationship between the parties without the prior written consent of the Grand Hôtel Nordic Spa.



Dispute in the interpretation or application of the agreement shall be settled by Swedish court under Swedish law. Disputes may also be considered by the General Complaints Board, whose decision is a recommendation to the parties on how the dispute should be resolved.





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